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Klabin is the biggest producer and exporter of papers for packaging in Brazil and leader in the production of paper packaging with 120 years in the market, 18 industrial units and over 19,000 employees around the world.

Holmen is one of Sweden’s largest forest owners. Producer of cardboard, paper, wood products and renewable energy from water and wind. With a history stretching back 400 years, Holmen has a long tradition of managing and refining natural resources.

The Bazan Group is the cornerstone of Israeli industry and is regarded as an economic powerhouse. Located in the Haifa Bay area, is one of the largest and most complex energy groups in Israel and it operates a refinery and petrochemicals conglomerate. Bazan invested in Melodea as part of the strategy moving towards bio-based raw materials.

Double A paper company from Thailand. Widely recognized as the number one premium paper brand in Asia, with robust performances in Australia, Europe and the Middle East and the potential for strong growth throughout the world.

One of the leading securities brokerage company in Asia Plus Group. Being a leader in diverse and innovative investments with outstanding potential amidst the rapid changes that come with the age of globalization.