Melodea’s Barrier Coating Service

With the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions, brand owners are constantly looking to evaluate emerging solutions at pilot scale.

Melodea offers converting services with an RK VCML Pilot Coater machine that includes:

  • Experienced operators
  • Reels (30cm width X 1,000 running meter) of different optional substrates (paper, plastic films, and bio-plastic films) coated with Melodea’s coating products or other water/solvent-based coating materials.
  • Analytical evaluations including barrier measurements for WVTR, OTR, COBB, and KIT, and shelf-life evaluations according to a given protocol.
  • Option for pouches with barrier performance

The aim of our pilot center is to assist FMCG companies to meet their sustainability goals, by using our extensive know-how for coating, optimizing barrier performance, and analyzing.

We work with FMCGs, packaging producers, and consultants/agencies to provide them with recyclable packaging products with excellent oxygen, water vapor and oil & grease properties to answer their needs.

The aim of our pilot center is to serve companies, throughout the packaging value chain, that want to explore sustainable barrier solutions on plastic, paper, and bioplastics.