Paints & Coatings

Melodea produces an eco-friendly and biodegradable paint additive
A very small amount makes a huge difference

Scratch and abrasion resistance Rheology improvement

One Product – Multiple Use

Serves as a VOC free, highly transparent, rheology modifying material for enhanced performance. Can be used as an additive or as a rheology modifying material.

Small but powerful

Revolutionary dispersant with thermal stability.
The synergy between scratch and abrasion resistance and rheology improvement allows formulators to use a single cost-effective solution and reduce the number of raw materials in the paint formulation by using our sustainable and eco-friendly alternative.

Compatible to Waterborne Systems

Fits water based-coatings including water-based wood coatings.
Being a thixotropic gel, our additive reduces viscosity via high shear, which can assist in achieving high performance of coatings.